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Tiny Twirlers is our unique preschool program at Energize Dance Studio! All of our Tiny Twirlers classes follow the Dancely Curriculum! 


What is Dancely? Dancely provides exercise, education and entertainment through original music, dance and movement for children under the age of 6! It is a program committed to instilling the love of dance and movement at an early age with music and moves kids will love!


Dancely features music and choreography that 2-6 year old boys and girls absolutely LOVE! We offer 4 levels of our Tiny Twirlers Program featuring Dancely  - Pink, Teal, Purple, and POP!


Tiny Twirlers Pink - Ballet - Ages 2-3

Tiny Twirlers Teal - Ballet/Tap Combo - Ages 3-5 (Preschool/Pre-K)

Tiny Twirlers Purple - Ballet/Tap Combo - Ages 5-6 (Kindergarten/1st)

Tiny Twirlers POP! - Jazz/Hip Hop Combo - Ages 4-6 (Pre-K/Kinder/1st)

Tiny Tumblers - Acro/Tumbling - Ages 3-6 (Preschool/Kinder)

What To Wear

All Tiny Twirlers will need to wear the required color dance dress/leotard for their class. Tiny Twirlers will need the correct shoes for their class. Hair must be pulled back away from their face.

Click HERE for our complete dress code by age groups/classes.

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