Club Energize 


1st - 12th Grade


What is Club Energize?

School-age students have the opportunity to choose one or more dance disciplines at Energize Dance Studio. Our classes have a focus on movement, fun, and self-esteem while teaching adolescent children and teenagers the important foundations of outstanding dance technique.

Club Energize classes are broken into levels 1-4 based on experience. Ages are a suggestion and dancers will be placed in a level based on their technique and experience.

Ballet, Pre-Pointe, Pointe

Ballet training is the foundation of dance. It teaches proper placement, alignment, balance, technique, and control. *Dancers in level 3-4 may be eligible to begin pre-pointe or pointe. Dancers who are ready to begin either pre-pointe or pointe will be notified by their teacher.



Tap is all about rhythm. This dance form is an exciting form that creates sounds, rhythm, and syncopation with your feet.


Jazz is a stylized, fast-paced form of dance that employs many of the same concepts of ballet with some different technical aspects. It is recommended that dancers take both ballet and jazz as co-requisites.


Lyrical blends ballet and jazz for a more fluid dance form. Ballet is a required co-requisite for lyrical.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop movements are fast, bouncy, and funky! Lots of attitude is needed for this class!


Leaps and Turns

Leaps and Turns is a technique class focusing on both leaps and turns. Dancers will learn proper technique in order to execute leaps and turns safely. *Ballet and Jazz are required co-requisites to Leaps & Turns

What To Wear

All dancers will need to follow the dress code for their class.

Click HERE to view our complete dress code.