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Each of our dance classes has a required dress code. Dance wear items can be purchased at the studio on our online dancewear site, Nimbly, HERE.


Why do dance classes have a dress code? 

This helps us create a sense of community and belonging in class (my friends are dressed like me so we have something in common), promote discipline in class (when I am in class, wearing my uniform is how I show my teacher that I am ready to learn), and allows for full range of movement (I can move my whole body without anything getting in the way). 


Having a set dress code also reduces stress at home when it comes to preparing for dance class! 


From a teacher's perspective, having a dress code is a system put forth as part of our classroom management to eliminate distractions (un-tied shoes, dancers taking skirts off, etc). Eliminating these distractions allows us to maximize our time together dancing, learning and growing! 


Tiny Twirlers Dress Code

Season 4 Tiny Twirlers Dress Code Guide.png
Boys Season 4 Tiny Twirlers Dress Code Guide.png

Club Energize Dress Code

Season 4 Club Energize Dress Code Guide.png
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